Larry on the Blues

Larry Taylor, singer and drummer, agrees with the late Chicago blues master Willie Dixon: Blues are the facts of life.  And,like Howlin Wolf once said...When you've got nothing to eat, no roof over your head, that's the blues!  And the music is a way to tell about it and chase away the blues. You need to know the history...

Eddie “Playboy” Taylor Sr., master guitarist and VeeJay recording artist. Eddie Taylor was Jimmy Reed’s music partner and architect of the boogie and “lump” rhythms that drive Chicago’s world-famous blues music. Eddie and his wife Vera, a singer, raised a whole family of blues musicians including Eddie Taylor Jr., guitar and vocals; Tim, drums; and Demetria, Brenda and Edna, singers. Larry, actually Eddie’s stepson and the oldest, was able to play with him the most.

Today Larry’s a legend in his own right. As the West Side Blues Ambassador, he faithfully leads his band in not only his father’s 1950s music traditions, but also a stack of lively and powerful R&B/soul tunes which sprang from blues in his own West Side neighborhood. The West Side is the “Best Side” for blues; it’s the part of Chicago most directly connected with the heart of migrants from the South.   Videography by Darryl Pitts.  Edited by Chris Wilkins.

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