Growing up in 1960s Chicago as the blues sounds of the Great Migration evolved into the soul and funk of the Black Power generation, drummer and singer Larry Taylor wants to carry on his family's musical tradition. But his stepfather, guitarist Eddie Taylor (portrayed by Leon), is frustrated in playing second fiddle to Jimmy Reed (played by Guy Davis).  Wounded by his own home front blues with Larry's mother Vera, Eddie isn't sure about helping his  talented stepson. Cast aside in family feuding, unnerved by the decline of his neighborhood and the assassinations of his generation's heroes, young Larry falls into gang warfare. In prison he finds spiritual and musical salvation with the help of unusual mentors including a dreadlocked fighter, a Peruvian psychiatrist and a jailhouse lawyer. Returning to society, Larry sees what his stepfather has been up against--a music business polluted by greed and racism. Seedy syndicators who (might) feed you well, if you do what they tell you. Are they making young Larry an offer he can't refuse?